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June 14, 2011 6:52 pm

The band thing actually works!

It was with a little apprehension I set out on my first tour with a band in the UK for many a long year. Thousands of solo shows yes, but could the connection still be made with me having to make sure I was in tune with everyone else?!

I think it has. It’s just so much fun being on the road with Mason and Wal and I think it shows on stage. People dancing at MJ gigs? Surely not? But yes, they have been spotted and in significant numbers. Last weeks shows were as potent and meaningful as any others and it seems you the audience feel the same way. As ever, thanks for coming out to the shows and looking forward to carrying on when our circus hits Norwich tomorrow.

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  • It sounds amazing! Great to hear how you’re having so much fun with it too. We look forward to catching the ‘circus’ in Exeter this coming Saturday!

    Dancing, you say….?? :o)

  • Esther says:

    Absolutely It Works!! Haslemere was a wonderful evening. thanks guys.x

  • Steve says:

    Was disappointed not hear the band in Hitchin, but it didn’t spoil the evening! Had a great time, as expected. 🙂