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September 2, 2011 8:38 am

Re Souled

At Heathrow to catch flight to West Coast of USA for festivals. Summer has flown, even though I had some down time, blink, sigh and its gone. Lovely weekend of festivals just passed with Greenbelt being as inspiring as ever and a set the following night at Shrewsbury that i would place in my top five shows of all time. Can’t really tell you why: just a mixture of everything clicking and being in the moment.

What a privilege and blessing to be able to be in the middle of such things. So gearing up to start it all again.

Festivals In USA for two weeks, home then back to Canada for World Vision tour with Stewart and then back for Uk Autumn tour both band and solo. That will keep the string grooves in my fingers deep.

Oh and by the way, those boots I retired, couldn’t find a replacement so they have been re sewn, re soled and are ready to pound the boards again. In fact they are being loaded in a bag onto a biggish plane right now. For more mundane reporting check my twitter/facebook feed but will report back here soon.

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