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November 3, 2010 8:30 pm

Project Somos

The Project Somos Village is an eco-sustainable alternative community for at-risk mothers and children

The Village has family homes and an organic farm within the small Kaqchikel community of Chivarabal in the Central Highlands of Guatemala.

Project Somos believes that a child’s best chance for happiness and success comes from being raised by his/her own family in a stable supportive environment.

As an orphan prevention program, the Village supports widowed and single mothers who are at-risk of losing their children due to poverty and difficult living situations.

Project Somos offers a home, education and vocational training to help mothers provide opportunities and a new beginning for their children.

Project Somos offers a stable, loving environment for women and children to heal and start their lives over again.

Project Somos educates mothers and children in nutrition, hygiene, organic gardening and offers opportunities to learn the skills and self-confidence to prepare them to return to their communities and live independent lives.

Project Somos works to reunite mothers with their children that have been removed and put into care.

Project Somos partners with other NGOs to provide services and housing for mothers and children so that they can return to their communities and live safer, healthier lives.

Vocational training offer the mothers a practical opportunity to earn and provide for their families on a long-term basis.

Social Enterprises are established to provide long-term financial sustainability within the Village. While living in the Village, the mothers contribute to the running of these enterprises.

The Village works hand in hand with the local Guatemalan community and other NGOs on the ground.

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