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August 16, 2010 8:49 pm

Time stands still

A lot of great moments in last few weeks. The new album is completed and its always good to sign off on these few things and begin to enjoy them properly. I think it’s the album I perhaps should have made back in the nineties but I know in some ways I would not have been able to write this way back then. We can only see from where we stand.

A hop across to the USA saw me playing at the Falcon Ridge Festival in New York Sate which was fantastic and I got to play golf at Winged Foot, a US Open course. back in the UK I played the Wickham festival last week and had a wonderful reception there, but I have to say playing Fairport’s Cropredy festival yesterday was very special. I think it was the biggest solo show I have ever played. I remember opening for Chris De Burgh in front of 15,000 at Earls Court once but the 20,000 plus yesterday was quite a challenge. And yet, it was, in some ways just like a small intimate show in an arts centre. In a strange way it wasn’t that hard to play to such a big crowd. We connected straight away, played with the weather, sang to each other and ran the journey of emotions. Business as usual, but undeniably special. My daughter Harriet to the side of stage looking so lovely, watching her Dad doing his thing, and the collective kindness and approval of a vast field of people..sometimes time stands still and its just beautiful.

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