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March 25, 2002 12:47 pm

The Sights of Rio

Tired today, the weight of the last few days emotion still hangs heavy. It’s our last day as we fly home tomorrow (Wed) and get back into Heathrow on Thursday. So we do the tourist bit. Go up to check on Christ on the one mountain and get in a cable car to see the view from another called Sugarloaf.

Amazing views of this beautiful place from up there and it all looks so tranquil and peaceful; you would never think that life was hell for so many who dwell below. Today was Julian’s birthday. He has done a great job in recording the week’s events and I know he will put together a great radio programme as a result of his hard work. We went out to celebrate and thought we would end the evening with a bit of a dance. Unfortunately we chose the wrong place and ended up in a club where so many beautiful young girls were working rather than enjoying themselves. The male clientele looked less than wholesome and we retreated after a while which pensive thoughts. I was soon smiling though as a kid on the street asked if he could have the can of Coke I was carrying and gave me a smile as wide as the arms on the statue on the mountain. I gave it up and we swapped a high five. Bed at 2.00 am, he’s still out there.

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