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March 9, 2005 2:36 pm

The Other Side Of Normal

Played Hugh’s Room in Toronto for the fourth time and we finally filled the place. I love that room; just love it. Earlier in the day I played at World Visions Headquarters just outside of the city, and it was good to meet up with the folks there who are doing a fantastic job of working with the some pf the poorest people on the planet. I learnt more about their operation and I’m very happy to be endorsing their work on the road in Canada, and I’m very grateful to Mike Bowman who is responsible for connecting with artists for asking me to be involved.

The next day we flew into Detroit and drove the short drive to Ann Arbour, which is where the tour started some five weeks ago. This time I played my own show at the Ark, which was attended by my good friends at Flemming Artists who represent me over here. I think I gave a decent account of myself as they haven’t removed me form their books, at least as far as I know! On Saturday we drove five hours North to Bloomington Illinois and played to a large crowd at the University. It was a great night on which to end the tour. We were staying, believe it or not, in a town called ‘Normal’, just outside Bloomington. Here they have Normal police and a Normal butchers etc. Therefore my gig in Bloomington was just on the other side of Normal; and I could go on but I will spare you. Flew home from Chicago yesterday. What a marathon tour but a good one and an extension of a longer marathon that continues this week with Steve Knightley in the UK. My thanks go to all the promoters and those who came out in Canada and America. I’m tired but this is a great job.

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