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November 12, 2007 8:48 am

The Fading of Light

Quite a bit to catch up on really. Touring is a strange mixture of ups and downs, especially in a sense of what it takes out of you, and on days off you have good intentions of doing diary entries but it just doesn’t happen. I usually drive home after shows if there is no gig the next day and that means getting into bed as the birds start singing.

Have also been doing a lot of radio and press promotion in between which leaves little time for much else. On one day last week I did ten radio interviews in an afternoon from the same room! Anyhow, tour is going great with each night different. The different combination of musicians is working well as well as the usual solo gigs. It seems that there are lot more ‘younger’ folk coming to the shows which is wonderful, not that the more mature members of my audience are not greatly appreciated!

Just finished a mad dash to Belfast, Birkenhead and Bristol. All were great gigs and very poignant. My Lowden guitar met her maker on Thursday in Belfast. It was a lovely surprise to find George Lowden at the show and to place the guitar he made over twenty years ago into his hands. Bristol last night was a great sing along crowd (standing gig see) and singing ‘The Fading Of Light’ on Remembrance Day was a struggle. Stewart’s lyric so powerful that you need a degree in controlling your emotions to get through.

Weird to find out that a German Pop star called Nevio has recorded ‘Dolphins Make Me Cry’ on his hit album. I’m told he sang it as part of his campaign to become the winner of Germany’s Pop Idol competition. Bizarre really after 15 years to think it’s back in the charts. Back in the now Vegas continues to pick up great reviews which is helpful, assuring and puts a spring in my step that makes me look forward to Birmingham on Wednesday.

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