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March 17, 2002 12:00 am

Sunday and Miners compensation

My thoughts are turning towards the Brazil trip now. Have done a few gigs in the last few days and cut the 2nd Vol of live stuff, it should be released towards the end of April. Today my team has been sorting the next PQ edition and free CD, which will be sent out in the next few days.

I must apologies as one of the tracks on the Free and exclusive CD has made it onto the live album, I changed my mind after a few listens. Seems like I’m finally getting around to finishing a few things off and the trip to Brazil will be the end of a very long chapter of work. I will then take a while to write and see what’s next. I know Brazil is going to be an amazing experience. When I went to Thailand in 88 it sent shockwaves thorough my soul and the shantytowns of Rio and the other projects we will observe there are going to do the same. Will miss Harriet’s 8th birthday, which is a shame, and also England kicking our ass at Rugby, which isn’t a shame. Will do my best to write a bit for the site as long as I can get online out there. So sorry for all the problems with the site in the last week or so, hope to have it back to normal very soon. Was moved today by the story of a guy who told his ex miner Dad that the compensation promised had arrived. His father was about to die from related illness and all he cared about was that the money had come to take care of his wife. The truth was that it had not, but his Dad dies peacefully thinking it had. Miners are still waiting for a mountain of red tape to be removed before they see any compensation for the job that has robbed them of good health. I just don’t understand how we can be so callous

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