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March 13, 2007 10:05 am

Stuck between trucks

Rehearsed all day for tour with Miranda in Exeter yesterday then drove home. Stopped on the way back to do a radio interview on the mobile. Strange to be wedged between two trucks in a lay-by, in the dark, talking live to radio land. Have done a lot of that this week though. Mostly promotion for the tour but also the ‘Pat Robertson’ thing, which I’m so tired of now. Have even noticed the reaction amongst some of ‘my folk’ has been one of not understanding why I did it. I can debate this forever but my experience is that very few are up for changing minds on it anyhow. I’m not going to enter lengthy debates that are ultimately not going to get anywhere because I just end up being stuck between those trucks again.. I’m now very much looking forward to the UK tour. The Brook Southampton tonight..yum.

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