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January 15, 2010 11:58 am

Songs are waiting

Have had a creative start to 2010. Have been writing a lot and walking through snow, putting together the next PQ free CD etc. Some days I sit and wrestle with words for hours and nothing much comes, another time I can be filling the car with fuel and a couple of insightful lines will appear from nowhere; there are no rules.

I can’t believe I head off for Canada on Wednesday. It seems like only a few days ago that I caressed the final chord at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff and felt like I had crossed a finishing line. Now it’s all ready to start again. That’s good and I’m looking forward to the five-week stretch across N. America and the UK tour that follows but it all looks a little daunting sometimes. All good though.

The situation in Haiti is desperate and leaves me fumbling for any words. Such deep heartache and despair and who can ever explain these things? Not I. I take my thoughts with me as I trundle through a local forest, looking beautiful in a strangling January mist. The world is simply an unfair and cruel place and most of our days are spent trying to make sense of it in one way or another. The walk helps to do that a little as does art. Songs are waiting.

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