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May 2, 2006 12:24 pm

Rob Lacey

My good friend Rob Lacey died yesterday morning. After ten years of battling cancer he finally let go. In the last few weeks Robs wife Sandra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and he was able to hold her and spend a few precious days with his daughter. Rob was am amazing guy who overcame many obstacles in his journey.

He has left us with a great body of work and writing that will continue to do good in the world and remain a lasting testament to his passion, vision and commitment. Those words however do very little to take away the huge questions that come rolling in at times like this. I had a little gig in Aberystwyth last night. It was a gathering of activists and like minded folk who have been campaigning and celebrating May Day in Wales. For the last song I spoke about Rob and broke down a little. I know he would have wanted me to play the show last night, to keep on raging. But I shared a thought if we could (if only!) solve the worlds problems, feed everyone, bring justice, world peace etc that there would still be the human condition to deal with, still huge questions of why and what for. Right now I feel further away then ever from answers, in fact, right now, I’m not interested in them because we have to deal with the reality in front of us. This day hurts, but how those closest to Rob are stepping forward right now I cannot imagine. Rest in peace my friend, you have earned it and more. And, well done, great job, go rage somewhere else now and as I told you a few weeks ago, see you soon. M x


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