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February 22, 2005 2:43 pm

Prince George, Edmonton, Athabasca..

Great to be back in Prince George but its all to quick. Limited time to be with folk who are now dear friends and I don’t think I will be back for a year now. Still, it will always have a special place in my thoughts as it was here that I played my first Canadian show back in 99.

Thirteen year old Emily Wilson played violin on ‘All This Time’ and brought the house down! Sunday flew to Edmonton and had a great show at the Museum Theatre. I still have to pinch myself to see so many folk coming out for a show of mine on the other side of the world. Voice a little hoarse this night though it’s a little dry in Edmonton. Cold though and more snow than Prince George which was a surprise. They are not getting the prolonged cold of winters past which means that some harmful bugs are not being taken care of which means that they are loosing square miles of trees every year. Still, the USA and Australia are not worried about that and continue to ignore the treaty that everyone else is signing up for. Tonight I played the small town of Athabasca. My new Santa Cruz guitar made it’s debut and sounded very nice.

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