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February 20, 2007 10:13 am

Ontario and Pat Robertson is at it again

Ontario has been good to me. Cold as you would ever want anyplace to be but very warm in its response to the music of this stubborn troubadour. After a day off in Toronto I had a great night playing there at ‘Hugh’s Room’ followed by equally exciting shows in Guelph, Peterborough and Perth. They have left me very uplifted. It’s so good to link up with so many people I know here now. Most of course are original Canadians but some are ex-pats from the UK who come up and say the kindest things about following the music for so long.

Last night in Perth there was even a Welsh gentleman wearing a Cardiff Blues Rugby top! I also get to watch a lot of Ice Hockey on TV. This is a long tour though and I confess to being a little more than homesick. Not so much for anything that’s back there in terms of bricks and mortar, but of course for those I love and miss. I’m not a moaner or someone who chooses to decry much of the country I live in (apart from the wider issues) for we are blessed and fortunate beyond compare with the majority of the world. But, there are days when I walk along the street here and imagine how easily I could live in Canada and not miss much of the culture that is prevalent in the UK. We crossed back into the USA today and I’m playing New York City tomorrow night. The last time I played there was on Broadway in 93, at the Beacon Theatre opening for Clannad. I have no idea what to expect. Reading an issue of Time magazine today there is a quote that Pat Robertson made in recent weeks. He states that God has told him that there will be another terrorist attack on the USA in late 2007. He is not necessarily saying it’s going to be nuclear (God didn’t elaborate) but that he (Mr Robertson) believes it will be something like that. In a few weeks time we will release the live Greenbelt album. I have been debating whether or not I should have included that ‘moment’ from the Greenbelt show on the CD. I’m now so pleased I did and I hope Mr Robertson gets to hear it, then try’s to sue me and we can have a huge debate about who is slandering who. My lawyer will be the Big Man.

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