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February 11, 2008 7:54 pm

Obama Land

Am now in Ridgefield, Cn waiting to play this evening. Since I last wrote I have played in Winnipeg, Manitoba followed by a lovely gig in a place called Brandon where I got to taste..see last entry Bison! I have to say it was delicious. A short night saw us on our way to Toronto airport and then a drive to a hockey stadium in Guelph to play the Hillside Inside festival.

News reached me from many sources that Wales had got the better of England at Twickenham (that’s going to make the gig there in a few weeks all the more sweeter!) and as I came off stage I was greeted by a man called Paul from Swansea with ‘Cymru’ tattooed on his arm! He is tour manager of a band called The Tokyo Police club who are from Canada and they were playing the festival too. A very cool moment and not what I was expecting.

This last week I have played shows in Guelph, Grafton and Toronto as well as playing some songs at the headquarters of World Vision who I work with here, and played a session with a talk for students at Toronto University. That was a very rewarding experience with some great questions thrown at me. Grafton was an amazing experience with some very severe weather ending in Paul and I walking to the door of our host for the night in snow that came well over our knees! It was really a little intimidating to see the weather creep in and become threatening. Yet still a good crowd turned up for the show. After playing in Toronto we caught an early flight to New York and drove up to Connecticut. Good to see Wales won again against Scotland yesterday. They always do well when I’m away.

So I’m back in the USA. Yesterday David Manners, who is the son of the promoter Barbara in Ridgefield, gave me a tour of Yale University. He is a second year student there with a terrific mind and it was a fascinating tour of the famous campus and its buildings. It really is a fantastic place to come and study. I never made it to University and walking around made me feel like I had missed out on something. Obama won another primary today and is now neck and neck with Hilary Clinton. David was telling me how the young people across America are turning out to vote for Obama and how he feels if he doesn’t get the nomination it would be huge disappointment to the youth of America.

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