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July 17, 2010 8:42 pm

New album title

Well I have arrived at the 50 mark and it’s a little strange, but not as bad as it felt to be approaching it. These are just numbers after all and I know how I feel, but the passing of time cannot be messed with. The fact that it flies is a simple testament to how busy we all are. Too busy I would have thought.

Six of the tracks for the album are complete as we finished mixing them on Wednesday of this week. These are the tunes that Mason Neely has been producing for me and he has given the music a big tasteful twist that I think will surprise some listeners. Lonely Like America will not be the title of the album as I first thought. It wouldn’t reflect the spirit of the rest of the songs. The music has become, in some ways, more melodic and I have sung in a different way. If anything I have under played the vocals with some lower keys and I think the result is to leave the music hanging in the air without some of the heavier angst which I’m perhaps known for. Add that to the great musical landscapes Mason has created and we have a new ball to play with. I think its always good to change things up and this album will certainly do that. I’m excited and have a new album title to be revealed soon!

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