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November 6, 2005 1:06 pm

Listening without listening

Walked today alone through Belgian countryside and listened to the new album properly for the first time. That might sound a little weird but by ‘properly’ I mean without listening to mix’s but rather letting it just take me on a journey. Just let it swim over me and listened without listening if that makes sense. I’m happy with it now and it’s going to be interesting to feel out what everyone else thinks

Comments from those who have already heard have been very positive. It has been a while since I last typed here..sorry. American/Canadian tour finished nicely. We taped the show in Toronto and it came out well, so maybe we will put that out in some way. Flew home for a few days of catching up, the box set came out nice, very pleased with that, then headed out to Belfast for a great night in support of the WWF (that’s the wildlife folk not the wrestling) and then here for a week’s touring in Belgium. I’m very much looking forward to starting up the shows with the new album in the U.K. It’s about to start all over again…

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