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February 18, 2005 2:44 pm

Leaving Alaska through security and Northern Lights

Just past through security at Anchorage airport. I was picked out for a random search and the young and muscle bound customs official asked me where I was from. I could tell from the puzzled look on his face that he wasn’t sure where Wales was but when I said Gt. Britain he got the picture. ‘The British are the only one’s I like over there in Europe’ he said. I replied that the rest aren’t that bad at all but it was weak and as I put my shoes back on I searched for a better answer.

By the time I had it he had moved on, and whilst I considered going across to him to carry on the conversation I didn’t want to be hauled off to a back room to miss my flight. What I should have said was that you shouldn’t judge a country by the decisions that its government make. Don’t think he would have agreed with the theory though judging by the posters of 9/11 stuck on his work area. Why don’t the right replies come quicker? Maybe its because it was midnight and I’m catching flights through the night. From Anchorage to Seattle, then to Vancouver, and finally to Prince George. I was driven straight to the airport from the show I played this evening in Palmer. Earlier in the day some very kind folks who were at last night’s gig (Dave, John and Terry) drove me around for a few hours and showed me a small piece of this beautiful state. Alaska is every thing I thought it would be and more; breathtakingly beautiful, rugged, angry, peaceful and worlds apart from mainstream America. The gigs were great and I look forward to returning to explore more. I’m now sat in Vancouver airport waiting for the last flight of this long night (though its now the next day) to Prince George. Had the wonderful experience of flying out of Alaska with the plane surrounded by the phenomena that is the Northern Light’s. Just hauntingly mystical and beautiful.

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