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February 1, 2008 8:08 pm


So back in Kanata. This was the word used by the Iroquois Indians to describe a collection of wooden huts or lodges. It somehow became Canada. This four and a half week tour has started well with spectacular weather and landscape.

Took this shot near Malinge Lake near Jasper. Flying into Vancouver a week ago we stayed up that night, as tickets were kindly offered to go see the Vancouver Cannock’s play St Louis Blues. Next night I played Vancouver, next across on the ferry to play Victoria, next an early start at 5am (all over the place with jet lag anyhow) to catch boat back to mainland then fly to Prince George where we were met by a balmy minus thirty temperature. Love that town so much and played their ‘Coldsnap’ (aptly named) festival. Since then we have driven down through the Rockies to Jasper, stayed there a few nights and I’m currently at Edmonton airport waiting for a flight to Winnipeg for tonight’s show there. Tour manager and soundman Paul Smith has just passed on a question from the promoter of a show in Brandon tomorrow asking if I would like Elk or Bison to eat before the show! Your average show biz question. A lot of coverage of the race to decide the Presidential candidates here, especially with ‘Super Tuesday’ coming up. Right now I’m a little more interested in Super Saturday back home when Wales (or should I say The Ospreys!) take on England.

My good buddy Simon Curle joined us for the first part of the tour, which has been great fun. It was tough to drop him off at the airport yesterday knowing I had to turn around and be out for another 3.5 weeks. It’s a great job I have but I miss my home.

Canada remains as beautiful as ever and once you get used to some severe temperatures has many visual delights to offer. The wise understanding of ones insignificance and vulnerability in the vast open spaces is a lesson I never get tired of, and this place continues to paint great perspective and provide a certain peace for my heart.

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