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April 15, 2011 10:04 pm

From the woods of Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island Waves

The lyric rings true again across six weeks of wonderful shows across Canada, though as always, its good to be home. So after waving goodbye to Stefan (see previous entry) at Toronto I head West, the irony being that he gets back to Wales before I get to Vancouver.

The beautiful ferry crossing to Vancouver Island, four shows in the Garages of Duncan and Courtenay, play majestic Vancouver and then fly for 2 shows in Prince George where the snow touches the roofs of houses and I walk in snow shoes down the Nechako River and play snow golf, then flights to Kelowna and hit real golf balls before the show, then drive for eight days and  along the way play funky Nelson, Cranbrook and cross into Alberta and its great plains to play Coleman, Medicine Hat and the great city of Calgary, followed by Edmonton and flights to Grand Prairie where it snows every second of my visit,

On more planes to get to the Provence of Manitoba and play in Brandon and Winnipeg, and yes lets fly to the East coast and play three shows in Nova Scotia, tip my hat to the USA by playing one show in Manchester New Hampshire and then finally back to Ontario for probably my eighth show at Hugh’s Room, Toronto and the final two shows in Port Hope and Orangeville. It takes 17 flights, 4 rental cars, 20 something hotels, two ferry rides, five shipments of CD’s and over 22,000 miles travelled and 27 wonderful nights of connection. And it continues to be a blessing and a privilege to have such a wonderful audience on the other side of the world. Big thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the shows, as with the UK tour, in record numbers and for supporting the music, and a special ‘shalom’ to those who sponsored children through World Vision. 32 little lives changed forever.

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  • Dan says:

    Such a lovely part of the world, Vancouver. Have done the ferry to Salt Spring Island and can’t wait to get back to Canada. Looking forward to seeing you perform in Halifax (UK!) in June for another show.

  • Beautiful photographs. I’m worn out after just reading that itinerary! It’s great too to read of how well the tour went though I don’t doubt that it must be good to be home. (No snow!) Rest easy.

  • Before another month passes (time really does fly!!), I would like to extend my personal thanks, once again, for the amazing performance on April 1st in “downtown” Wesleyville. The reception was as warm as the temperature was chilly and your songs entranced every person in attendance. You definitely have more fans! The former members of the once thriving Village, who now reside in the church cemetery, would have approved as well. I may be wrong, but I think your experience at Wesleyville may stick in your mind for a while.