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January 25, 2010 3:27 pm

Five Sisters – Exclusive download- 2010

fivesistersRead Martyn`s diary entry of 31st December 2008 for the inspiration behind this moving and compelling song of a father in Gaza who lost five precious daughters when an Israeli rocket, aimed at a building next door, destroyed their home.

Below are two versions of the song, the first a full version and the second a stripped back acoustic version.
Five Sisters
Five Sisters Acoustic

This is not the place for vengeance
Not a place for battle cries
This is no rally it’s a funeral
For five sisters lives

Every day I watched them growing
In the night I watched them breathe
But it only takes a second
Five sisters gone

We walk we breathe we are not animals
Though you treat us like we are
I never fired a rocket sir at anyone
But you may have pushed too far

The propaganda of the leaders
Making speeches heads held high
I want them standing by this graveside
Where five sisters lie

Every day…

Take away a mans water
Build upon his land
Raise a mighty wall around him
What is it you don’t understand?

Make his children walk in squalor
With only night stars for a view
Then the rage within that helplessness
One day comes back at you

Every day….

But this is not the place for vengeance
Not a place for battle cries
This is n o rally it’s a funeral
For five sisters lives

One day I’ll buy a rocket
And I will aim it at the sky
Celebrate in the light of a thousand colours
I pray, peace and justice in our time

For five sisters
Too late for my five daughters

For five sisters
Too late for my five daughter

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  • This is an extraordinary song that carries within the lyrics and the music, the horror of this incident – sadly not altogether unique – but also the grace as shown by the man whose life was torn apart at the loss of his little ones. This song never fails to move me beyond words. A wonderful example of Martyn’s rare ability to capture and exhibit SO much within a song, and to take the listener to the place where they are faced with a situation in such a way few others can achieve, through this or any other medium.

  • My friend Stuart Broomfield gave me this site for which I am immensely grateful. Very moving. Can I add the lyrics + alink to my own blog?

  • admin says:

    Sure Richard, As long as you credit Martyn that’s fine.