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October 28, 2008 4:29 pm

Evolved released as is a tooth

The first week of the UK Evolved tour was a big success. We started off with a little warm up show in picturesque Port Isaac, moving onto Penzance, Exeter and then Cardiff on Saturday. It was good to gig in Cornwall again and rediscover how well the folk sing down there. Strange goings on in that county though.

Half way through singing ‘This Being Woman’ I could feel movement in my mouth. A tooth had worked itself loose and despite my best efforts to keep it in place it eventually worked free and I had no option than to spit it out. The front row no doubt would not have appreciated this gesture but thankfully one of them was a dentist so it wouldn’t have been so shocking to him. Thanks Chris for the advice after the gig. All shows have been buzzing and each different with a different set list each night to start and then it expands from there. Old and new songs and a few more guitars, pedals, new carpet and stomp box are on show.

Stopped off at Perranporth on the way up to Exeter. Found the spot where I sang songs to passers by off my first record in 1983. Time is a strange thing. It seemed like only a few short years ago but there are now a lot of albums since then. Cardiff was a blast. ‘The Point’ is a great venue for what I do and I think we have found a home there. I always feel uneasy about the ‘hometown’ show but that worry is unfounded. Thanks everyone.

‘Evolved’ was released into stores and I Tunes etc yesterday. Shall have to be patient and wait now to see what is made of it. The shows feel energised by the album and I don’t think we have ever had such fun and reaction. Sometimes I wish I were 23 again and ready to run at it all but there is no way I delivered then what happens in that space now. I’m looking forward to the next 24 shows and heading down to Brighton tomorrow.

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