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December 5, 2006 10:56 am

End of SOH Tour and now to get fixed..

The tour with SOH is done. Think it was around 35 gigs in total and each one a pleasure. The last night in Exeter was a great night, with a few special guests including Tom Palmer and Seth Lakemen. It was good to catch up with Seth again and swap notes; it’s interesting to hear how his current experience is so similar to mine in the first part of the nineties.

He has a good head on his shoulders and will be fine. The best part of the tour for me has been hanging with everyone involved. It was good to get know Phil a little better (what a musician he is) and to spend time with Steve and resume the subtle banter and underlining respect and care we have for each other. Miranda was a joy and I would be proud to work with Chris, James and Will anytime. Thanks everyone and to all the SOH fans who welcomed me so warmly and said such kind things. I will be disappearing for the next few weeks. Later today I have to go to hospital for some surgery. Its nothing to serious, just need to get something sorted and then get back to fitness for the 07 schedule that starts at the end of January. I will be mixing Bill Taylor Beales’s album till then as well as writing and recording myself.

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