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October 15, 2007 8:58 am

Down through California

Have really enjoyed the tour with Martin Sexton. We are coming towards the end now and it will be hard to say goodbye. Last night we played The House Of Blues in Anaheim, right in the middle of Disney town! Tonight we are playing in San Diego, tomorrow Phoenix. I then to fly to Houston for my own show then home.

It has been a little different coming here to play these shows, as Martins shows are primarily large standing venues with audiences far more vocal and interactive. It means I have had to be on top of my game but in many ways able to play in a style I prefer. I’m always appreciative of the fact that you can hear a pin drop at my shows at home and people are so respectful in terms of both listening and appreciation. But the mid song interaction of ‘whooping and applauding and whatever’ at these shows is a great boost and makes for an edgy and tougher performance.

I think the highlight for me will to have played the Fillmore in San Francisco. It was great to be on that stage with so much history running through it. The posters and pictures on the wall of artists who have played there are a musical history tour. Because Martin has played there a few times they make up a special poster and it goes on the wall. My name slid on their too so it’s kind of nice to leave your name along with your music DNA in such places. The tour has been a lot of fun, in fact I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Thanks Martin, Georganne, Jo, Chris, Kevin and Cookie for making me feel part of the family. It’s also quite amazing how well you can sleep on a shelf 🙂

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