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August 23, 2006 11:19 am

Crazy Weekend in USA

Now that was one hell of a weekend. Left Cardiff to fly to Amsterdam on Saturday morning, connected to Minneapolis, luggage didn’t make it but they wont let you report it until you arrive at your final destination, which happens to be Denver. Flight to Denver is delayed 3 hours. Arrive there at 2am.

Report luggage not there along with all electronic stuff for stage but I have the guitar! Armed with that 5 hours later I head off to the Lyons Rocky Mountain Folk Festival. Take oxygen before show due to the altitude, though I think I was being fussed over and wasn’t sure I needed it. The air was thin though as I played to a packed field of people basking in the sun of the Rockies. Show went great despite lack of tricks at my feet and we sold out of merchandise. Watched Ani De Franco and Martin Sexton play under the stars. Back to hotel, bag has arrived. Sleep for five hours get up and go to airport. Fly to Detroit, Amsterdam and then Cardiff get in at 1.00 pm on Tuesday. A loopy, but great time. I could have stayed out in the States after the Newport festival but there would have been a ten-day wait till Colorado and I wanted to come home and see the family hence the mad schedule. Off to Greenbelt Friday. By the way Martin Sexton was great and Ani De Franco amazing. She truly is in a class of her own and her recent album live at the Carnegie Hall is breathtaking.

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