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December 11, 1999 6:01 pm

Captains Log, last day, London

Back to the main act to finalise things and tell you of our last day of what has been a great tour. Drive to London was uneventful, other than the fact that Nigel was not with us as he couldn’t make this last date. That was kind of sad but I seemed to keep hearing him in different ways through the day. Got to the Purcel Rooms at the Festival Hall, really nice venue with very comfy seats. It was nice to think that this last show for me of the century, millennium, whatever, was a sold out affair in the heart of the capital. Whilst a part of me wishes it could have been the Albert Hall, I’m quite content with this and indeed very gratefu

We plough through a few sound problems that lead to the longest soundcheck of the tour. Mac has to climb a ladder to reach his perch tonight. He does a great job of ironing out the problems along with friendly help from James and a guy called Hepme. Nice people in a nice place. Here comes birthday boy Stewart Henderson who will open tonight’s show with a few of his great works. Then I’m away. This gig goes quickly, a great audience with whom I seem to connect quickly. Having done thousand’s of solo gigs its not that I miss Nige or need him. But the tour has been so good with him that I find myself looking for him and hearing his melodies. There is a connection some nights that is special and many nights on this tour it happened. If I have my way it will again as well…thanks Nige

Mac is on form tonight too. We have known each other a while now. We came up on different streets, me and the big man, and I’m grateful that the paths crossed down the line. Though his life is a lot less set than mine right now, we are both searchers, journeymen. He’s gonna be fine, and he can mix it for me (and with me, I got the bruises to prove it)! any time

As tonight is the last gig this century I say thanks to Gaynor who has done just about as many miles as me in the last fifteen years. I hope there is some peace out there for her soon too

So major or minor? Which chord to finnish with? Some shout major, some minor and I go for the minor at the end of ‘All This Time’ at first, but there is a little peace in my world tonight and I stumble back to an F Major chord to close the night. I’m a happy boy

I write this the next day I’m already missing the thought of a gig tonight. I will go to an Ice Hockey game instead but will close my eyes at around eight for a moment or two. Thanks for being such a great bunch of audiences on what I feel was the best tour ever. There was a power in some of the gigs that was special, fragile and moving for me. Thanks for being part of it, see you next time and a very happy Christmas and new millennium to you and yours


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