Martyn Joseph is a performer like no other: Shades of Springsteen, John Mayer, Bruce Cockburn and Dave Matthews there may be - but he stands in his own right, built on a reputation for giving what thousands have described as the best live music experience of their lives delivering his "songs of lyrical intelligence" according to BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris.

March 12, 2000 4:58 pm

Canada continued with Andy….

ts time to leave Vancouver and to thank our kind hosts Alice and Reid for their hospitality and head for the ferry terminal and Vancouver Island. Mike is our driver and two minutes into our journey he stops at the local Tim Horton coffee shop. Mike is experienced enough to know that on tour its not cool to arrive at your airport or ferry terminal with anything more than two minutes to spare. After all why hang around a ferry terminal enjoying coffee and calm when by leaving late enough and then stopping along the way for coffee and cakes you can enjoy cardiac arrest, road rage and premature ageing all at the same time

We leave Mike behind at the Ferry Terminal (he couldn’t run fast enough) and make the beautiful crossing to Vancouver Island. On landing we head for Victoria where Martyn gives a songwriting seminar. I head off to explore and a make a few phone calls and was pleasantly surprised on my return to discover that only two members of the seminar have fallen asleep

The evening involves a return visit for Martyn to the small but welcoming Norway Hall in Victoria. A notoriously tricky gig. Its the only place I have been where the notices for forthcoming events are sung and get applauded. Last year at this gig Martyn was asked by a lady to ‘turn it down’ which had been slightly difficult as it was a purely acoustic gig. Which bit of himself should he turn down? This year’s distraction was provided by the Psychic Knitting Sisters, two ladies who knitted away on some undefined and unimaginable project and yet strangely knew just a few seconds before the end of each song that it was time to lay down the knitting and prepare to clap.

ables and microphones, he was free to wander around the hall and sing at the same time. It worked well, especially a magical rendition of ‘All This Time,’ and was a good advertisement for the concert the following day. After a reunion with old friends Greg and Debbie Marchand and family, some good old apple pie with our new hosts John and Jane Cowell, we finally get to bed at 2.30am

I love this life!

Andy D

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