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August 24, 2005 1:36 pm

Brazilian Hypocrisy

The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes is a terrible thing and there are questions that need answering. His family deserve the truth and we do democracy, justice and truth no service by covering up mistakes. My heart goes out to his loved ones and I have great empathy and compassion for what they must be going through. I did, however, think that the smell of hypocrisy was strong when the Brazilian government sent a delegation over declaring their outrage at these sad and tragic events. I thought of the thousands of street children murdered by the authorities in that country, and of course the great struggle of my friends the MST for a fair deal, land for the landless and indeed, justice for the seventeen murdered in 96 including 17year old Oziel Alvarez. It stinks and I can only hope that these issues will be raised when the officials from Brazil meet with the powers to be here. Fat chance I guess. Recording going well, hot and sweaty in studioland.

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