Martyn Joseph is a performer like no other: Shades of Springsteen, John Mayer, Bruce Cockburn and Dave Matthews there may be - but he stands in his own right, built on a reputation for giving what thousands have described as the best live music experience of their lives delivering his "songs of lyrical intelligence" according to BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris.

December 11, 2007 8:41 am


So on we go. Belgium is as sweet as I remember. Played Brussels on Saturday and my first solo show in Holland for at least seven years on Sunday (not counting opening for Suzanne Vega in Amsterdam). Broke two strings in the same song that night. Last night was back in Belgium in Gent. A smoky (still allowed here) café and bar, but in fairness when asked not to smoke during the show they didn’t and I was grateful. Bit of a storming show, very hot and sweaty.

Venues are full and something is beginning to open up for us here. Maybe my pop start mate having a hit with Dolphins will actually do me some good! Set a little looser than the UK Vegas shows, have even been playing a full version Elvis’s Can’t Help Falling In Love a few nights. Gorgeous melody. Don’t know what’s come over me! Nearly ran out of fuel leaving Gent last night. Unmanned Petrol station would only take debit card, only had credit cards and cash. Eventually Diethard stopped someone and we gave them money and they filled up my car using there card! Kindness is better…and we gave them a five euro tip!

Much needed day off today. Walk in the woods and think a lot. Its been quite a year and Saturdays show will be number 100 of the year.

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