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March 11, 2000 3:11 pm

Back to me….

Back to me (angst songwriter guy) to cover this bit, Andy’s gone to lie down. The night was short then, today is a travelling day. Got up earlier enough to spend a little time with Dave and Maureen as we were being picked up to go to the airport at 10.30. Snow had fallen through the night which gave everything a thick white glow. I love the snow and wish my little girl Harriet could see this, Father Christmas and all that. The Nechako river is showing a little more of her self each day as the temp slowly rises

We look at more of Maureen’s work and she surprises Andy and I with two pictures she has decided to give us. They are both beautiful pieces and its so kind of her to do this. Apparently she was up late after the gig last night, framing them etc, and it means a lot that she would go to so much trouble. I think both Andy and I were visibly moved. This stuff takes a long time to do and for her to give it away is a special thing, even though I know Maureen’s philosophy is that it’s not meant to be kept but allowed to be of use to folk. It’s hard to say good bye to her and Dave but I have no doubt I will return to this house at the side of the Nechako

Jo takes us to the airport with her daughter Lizzie. We are a little late as usual but I spend my life being a little behind schedule. At the airport we say good bye to them and Annette who has turned up to see us off. I give Jo a hug to say thanks and the peak of my cap somehow knocks her contact lens out. As we are shuffled through security she is scrambling around trying to find it! Thankfully she does and we wave from a distance. I’m very grateful to Jo for all her efforts on my behalf. Without her I wouldn’t have had the chance for the rich experience that Canada has become.

The flight to Vancouver goes quickly as Andy and I embroil our selves in deep conversation. Mike MacWilliam meets us at the airport and we hit a ‘White Spot’ restaurant for lunch before heading to Abbertsford to stay at Mike’s folks house again. Much watching of ice hockey on TV follows plus the investigation of more of the vinyl records Mike has bought as a job lot recently. He got some great stuff as well as some very dodgy recordings from people who, maybe, should not have been allowed near a recording studio. At some point in the night I decide that I’m ready to take on the ex NHL enforcer in a fight. For 0.1 milliseconds I have the better of him as I do a neat Ali shuffle, Mike just stares at me as he ponders just how he will dispose of the stick insect who has thrown down a challenge. The rest of the next few minutes was spent in deep regret as I collect bruises to last a month, eventually being landed in a chair by a punch (or tap as Mac puts it) that had enough power in it to throw me back to Wales and save me the air fare home (the picture is not a true reflection)! The hot tub at one in the morning helps ease the pain though, this is the life and I’ll have him next time


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